Breast Asymmetry

Uneven breasts can be balanced in size with asymmetric breast correction surgery. This procedure is designed to balance differences between your right and left breast.

The surgical techniques performed by Dr. Avram for your asymmetric breast correction surgery depends on your expectations. If you’d like to have larger breasts, implants can be used, if you want smaller breasts, a breast reduction can be done.

If there’s differences in terms of your nipple height, a breast lift and nipple repositioning may be required.

Your Initial Consultation With Dr. Avram

At the time of your initial consultation, you will sit down with Dr. Avram to discuss the changes you would like to see. Once all of your questions have been answered, Dr. Avram will assess your chest to determine the proper surgical technique for your asymmetric breast correction based on your desired results and existing anatomy.

Specializing in Breast Surgery

Dr. Avram’s advanced training and 15+ years of experience with complex cosmetic, and reconstructive breast surgery cases has made Dr. Avram one of Canada’s most sought after breast surgeons.

With his accumulated experience and established record, Dr. Avram is often called upon by other plastic surgeons for additional training opportunities and assistance with complex breast procedures.

Asymmetric Breast Correction with Implants

Most patients prefer to balance the size of their breasts with implants. Natural looking larger breasts can be achieved with the use of silicone gel-filled, or saline implants.

Dr. Avram can place a smaller implant in one breast and a larger implant in the other, getting them both to increase in size for balance. Sometimes

Dr. Avram is able to correct breast asymmetry with just one implant, but most of the time Dr. Avram prefers to use two implants for optimal results.

If one of your breasts is shorter, less projecting or wider than the other, Dr. Avram can use implants with the proper height, width and projection to balance the look of your breasts beautifully.

Breast Reduction

If one of your breasts is significantly larger than the other, Dr. Avram can perform a reduction on your larger breast. A lift may be required in combination with your breast reduction for optimal results.

Your Incisions

The most common incision lines for asymmetric breast correction surgery are located in three areas. 1) Around your areola — the dark skin around your nipple, 2) from the base of your areola down toward the bottom of your breast, 3) a horizontal incision along the crease under your breast.

The size of your areola — the dark skin around your nipple — can be reduced. Your areolar complex may be completely removed and repositioned higher up on your breast. Dr. Avram will determine which surgical options are best for you based on your existing anatomy.


An anesthetist will be present during your surgery to administer a general anesthetic. You will be very comfortable and asleep during your asymmetric breast correction surgery.

Recovery Time

Asymmetric breast correction surgery can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to perform.

Dr. Avram suggests that you take at least 1 to 2 weeks off work for recovery. You will receive specific return to work and post operative care instructions to follow. For optimal results, be sure to follow your post operative care instructions very carefully.

Additional Procedures

Asymmetric breast correction surgery is often combined with other cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck surgery. If you are interested in getting combination surgery, please let Dr. Avram know during your initial consultation.

Patient Reviews

Watch this video to hear what other patients have to say about their cosmetic surgery with Dr. Ronen Avram.


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